“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”
– Audrey Hepburn


  Crop Protection Products 

Lankem Agro primarily focuses on the crop protection sector which involves the manufacturing and sale of substances designed to repel, eliminate & manage pests. Pests are classified as plants or animals that pose a threat to humans or human interests in relation to agricultural or livestock production

Crop protection is essential due to the vast number of potential threats that can affect crops, including approximately 30,000 weed species, 10,000 species of plant-eating insects, 3,000 species of nematodes, as well as numerous fungal and viral species. At present, we are dedicated in developing and introducing target-specific, high-performing, and safer solutions for crop protection in the coming years

Specialty Fertilizer 

Fertilizers serve the purpose of enhancing the natural fertility of the soil or replenishing essential chemical elements that may have been depleted during previous growing seasons

We take a greater care in curating the finest range of plant nutrients from across the globe to meet the diverse fertilizer needs in Sri Lanka. Our product portfolio caters to various market segments, including plantations, paddy farming, field crops, and home gardening. We offer a wide range of products categorized as Straight Fertilizer, Mixed Fertilizer, Granular Fertilizer, and Foliar Nutrients, ensuring comprehensive solutions for all fertilizer requirements

Home Gardening Range 

Individuals can make a difference to their quality of life by gardening at home, which is a simple and very effective way to make a difference. There are many ways, both large and small, that community gardens can produce fresh vegetables and fruits that would lead to a decentralized supply of fresh foods. Gardening often offers individuals a sense of personal relaxation and satisfaction. As Lankem Agro diversifies its product line, it provides high quality home gardening products to satisfy customer needs


A seed represents the early stage of plant development, contained within a protective outer layer. Seed formation is a crucial part of the reproductive cycle in seed plants. At Lankem, we specialize in producing premium, certified vegetable seeds for both commercial and home gardens. Our aim is to promote the cultivation of high-yielding and top-quality plant varieties as we offer a wide range of seeds, including imported improved varieties as well as locally sourced seeds

Seed Paddy 

It is imperative that quality seed paddy be used in paddy cultivation as the entire harvest is dependent on it. For best results, it must be grown, harvested, and processed correctly. By using quality seed paddy, more production can be achieved in comparison to the use of normal seeds, and the harvested paddy can be traded easily in the market at a guaranteed price. Lankem catalog contains a wide selection of seed paddy varieties that have a high germination rate, a standard moisture content, and a high purity level

Plant Stimulants and other Products

Plant stimulants are often found as micro-organisms & organic substances, used in small quantities, Biostimulants are categorized according to their nature, modes of action, and types of effects on crops. In our product line up, we provide high quality plant stimulants and other agri related chemicals that satisfy customer needs


Weedicides are specifically used to control the growth of weeds. We as Lankem provide pre-plant, pre-emergence, post-emergence weedicides to paddy & field crops. The use of herbicides as pre-plant and pre-emergence
treatment can control weeds, before their emergence from
the soil, so that crops can germinate and grow in the weedfree environment or with minimum competition during their
tender and seedling stage.


Insecticides are pesticides that are formulated to kill, harm, repel or mitigate one or more species of insects in Agriculture. Insecticides can be classified into two major groups: systemic insecticides, which have residual or long-term activity; and contact insecticides, which have no residual activity.


Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores. They can be used to control fungi that damage plants including rusts, mildews and blights. They might also be used to control mold and mildew in other settings. Fungicides work in a variety of ways, but most of them damage fungal cell membranes or interfere with energy production within fungal cells