Lankem Agro's mission is to build and engage healthy local communities by providing hands-on, solution-based food and farming education

Online Extension Service

Rural people have benefited greatly from information and communication technologies (ICTs) over the past few decades. We are delighted to be given this opportunity to promote and market our products as well as provide agricultural solutions for farmers

  • Facebook and Instagram Chat – Lankem Agro
  • WhatsApp Farmer Group – ලංකෙම් හිතමිතුරු සංගමය – 077 3630860
  • General Line of Lankem Ceylon PLC – 011 776 6000
  • Area Resource Personals for Rural Advisory Services – Area Managers , Technical Sales Representatives (TSR), Agricultural Field Officers (AFO)
  • Lankem Agro Website –
  • Lankem Agro YouTube Channel
  • Complaints Management – Research and Development Department and Quality Deparment 

In recent decades, rural communities have experienced significant benefits from the advancements in information and communication technologies (ICTs). We are thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize these technologies to promote and market our products, while offering agricultural solutions to farmers

Farmer Extension Service & Product Stewardship

  • From Farmer training classes to Pocket meetings & from Field demonstrations to Individual farmer inspections, Lankem Agro is dedicated to provide responsible extension services to Local farming communities. Field demonstrations are usually carried out by research and development departments and/or field personnel, preferably in conjunction with farmers, on how to experiment and solve problems independently
  • During farmer training classes, farmers convene with a facilitator to engage in collaborative learning activities, including observation, discussions, question-and-answer sessions. So, as an integral component of Lankem’s agricultural training program, we conduct seasonal farmer training classes across the island prior to the commencement of the Maha and Yala seasons
  • Pocket meetings serve primarily to discuss the burning issues among the small group of farmers and to propose the most effective solutions with the engagement of our experienced field staff
  • We are dedicated to promoting responsible pesticide practices through open communication and vital knowledge sharing. Our comprehensive guidance ensures safe and effective pesticide use, empowering informed decisions for environmental and human health protection. Together, we cultivate a sustainable approach that maximizes efficacy while minimizing potential risks

Training & Development

We are committed to providing comprehensive training programs that focus on enhancing the skills and knowledge of undergraduate students, preparing them for a successful future. Our initiatives include offering internships for aspiring professionals, organizing training sessions and field visits for university students at our cutting-edge facilities, and facilitating valuable on-the-job training opportunities

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